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Debut: Composition for Saxophone and Woodcutter at the Moore Theatre

Performing for the event Ampersand Live! Neil will debut a new work tonight at the Moore Theatre. Entitled Composition for Saxophone and Woodcutter, this new piece is a graphic score set for saxophone with a live woodcutter.

Live at the Moore Theatre Thursday, November 7th.

Doors at 6 // Show 7:30-9:30pm

Tickets HERE

Saxophone and Woodcutter.jpg

“Composition for Saxophone and Woodcutter is a graphic score that activates the space between nature, ritual and destruction. For the composer, the cutting of firewood is both a patient, calming experience as well as a physical act of mutilation. A tree is sacrificed for warmth, and in the process a living organism perishes. The composition explores the  ritualistic act of woodcutting, with the saxophone amplifying the ancient ritual of a gashing, lacerating and slashing a tree for the benefit of warmth.

Composition for Saxophone and Woodcutter was composed for the event Ampersand Live in Seattle, WA with the theme “fire” provided as a performance action word.”