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Kin of the Moon performance-- Neil Welch new works debut @ the Chapel

Neil performs tonight with the outstanding Seattle performance troupe Kind of the Moon. Tonight, Neil debut’s a newly commissioned work, entitled “No house on fire, no.” scored for Flute, Saxophone, Viola, Double Bass and mixed Voice/Piano.

Saturday, October 5th @ Chapel Performance

8pm-11pm, tickets available in advance or at the door

More info:

No house on fire, no.

composed by Neil Welch (2019)

for flute, tenor saxophone, viola, double bass, piano and voice

commissioned by Kin of the Moon (2019-2020 season)

About the work:

No house on fire, no. for improvising quintet, explores phonetic text painting, reflections on physical landscapes and the collaborative spirit of a regularly performing ensemble engaged in creative improvisation. The work is segmented into four sections (Introduction, I, II, III) and is intended to progress between sections without pause. All instrumentalists use extended techniques to create undulating sounds of air and wind through various means, such as: fingers sliding on the keyboard with plastic finger picks, flute and saxophone blowing directly into their instruments without engaging pitch, bows sliding on the body of the instrument or swiping against the air itself, feet and hands brushing against the floor, clothing, or instrument. Some passages are dichotomous in their pitch content, blending tempered and non-tempered tuning. No house on fire, no. includes themes using non-pitched breathing through phonetic text painting, with rhythms and phrasing taken from the poem Drawn Together, by Joan Naviyuk Kane.