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Scrambler Conduction Band / Ascension NW at the Royal Room

Set 1: Ascension Northwest band

One year ago Seattle drummer and percussionist Don Berman dreamed up a large ensemble inspired by the 50 year passing of the great John Coltrane. Don envisioned putting together a band that could further explore the unique environment captured in Coltrane's album Ascension. This ensemble uses rhythm section, 3 saxophones, two basses, percussion, trumpets, bells and all the whistles. The band will perform a single lengthy work recorded by the band earlier this year. I am honored to play the tenor chair

Set 2: Scrambler Conduction band

Night 3 in the 3-month residency for the Scrambler conduction band. This large ensemble was selected player by player by trombonist/composer Christian Pincock. In the Scrambler band each member is asked to respond on the spot to Conduction Language symbols, which serve as visual ways of representing action in music. This ensemble has workshopped this music on the bandstand for several years now, and has a dedicated cast of players that now rehearse regularly.