10/10/2015 Continuous Resonance Solo Improvisation (documented on Bad Luck duo US tour) Salt Lake City, UT

Neil Welch Continuous Resonance Solo Project

Date: 10/10/2015
Location: Parking garage in Salt Lake City, Utah
Instrument: Tenor saxophone

Notes: (Documented while traveling in the Fall, 2015 Bad Luck duo national tour)

I recorded this improvisation inside a parking garage near the Salt Lake Temple (the great Mormon Church). This piece was documented just before going on stage inside a record store with a far different social demographic than that represented just a few street over.

*In the spirit of creating work within a series, in this case a collection of work drawn from experiences on the road, all improvisations I documented during the fall Bad Luck duo US/Canada tour are accompanied by images from Pierre Alechinsky paintings.*

The image accompanying today’s post by Alechinsky, Plate II from the portfolio Vulcanologies.