07/05/2015 Continuous Resonance Solo Improvisation

Neil Welch Continuous Resonance Solo Project

Date: 07/05/2015
Location: An abandoned building outside of Mount Shasta, CA
Instrument: Tenor saxophone


Yesterday Chris Icasiano and I made our way North from Los Angeles and ended up camping in the National Forest at the base of Mount Shasta, CA. This morning we woke early to continue driving back North to our final show in Portland, but before leaving the town I searched for an interesting spot to document. This improvisation took place in an abandoned building just outside of the town. The building contained several rooms, some of which were filled with junk from squatters and old Christmas Trees, and in other rooms hay was scattered on the floor as though itâs occasionally stored there. This piece explored the dead, lack of resonance within the largest of the rooms.

The image accompanying todayâs post was taken within the building after documentation.