06/02/2015 (Continuous Resonance Solo Improvisation)

Neil Welch Continuous Resonance Solo Project

Date: 06/02/2015
Instrument: Tenor saxophone / Concert bass drum
Location: Band room at Chief Sealth High School. Seattle, WA
Catalogue #: 06022015


Between teaching students this morning I found myself with a spare half hour of uninterrupted time. An incredibly large concert bass drum called me to action. I placed my mic behind one of the drum heads and explored the color of this instrument as well as my own. The booming hits were created by smacking my horn against the drum head, and the metallic swirls of sound were cause by rubbing the tip my horn’s bell against the head while gently blowing into the horn.

The image “Skidmore” 2013 accompanying today’s post by Ryan Oakes and Trevor Oakes.