05/26/2014 (Solo Improvisation) Breathing tones with stop-tonguing.

Neil Welch, Continuous Resonance Project

Date: 05/26/2014

Location: Home studio in Clinton, WA (Whidbey Island)

Instrument: Tenor saxophone

Performed Acoustically


This morning I worked with forced air which flowed through the horn with the omission of any tempered pitches.  I then decided to use a harmon mute inside by bell to see if I could achieve crisper breath tones.  After working with this for some time, I began exploring the median point between breathing textures and pitched overtones, the sound of which could be pulled out by pushing just beyond the limits of the breath-only approach.  I then began using stop-tonging to pull out harsher, but fuller single pitches that thumped out at a much higher volume.

The image “Handmade Stereopticon Slide” (1918-19) accompanying today’s post by Marcel Duchamp.