05/17/2015 Continuous Resonance Solo Improvisation

Neil Welch, Continuous Resonance Solo Project
Date: 05/17/2015
Instrument: Tenor saxophone
Location: Thornton Creek House. Seattle, WA


This recording is my first artistic documentation at my new room in Seattle. I live on the second floor of a house in a modest sized room. There is good light at all times of day, and a gently flowing creek dissects a greenbelt about 20 feet from my window. The house is old and in fair condition, but overall it is a very peaceful place and of an oasis within an urban environment.

I recorded this improvisation in mid mid afternoon after having assembled my room. I’ve fully moved off of Whidbey Island, and the practice space I had for three years in my former house is now a thing of the past. This is a period of extreme transition in my personal life, and I felt this piece documented with stark clarity this mood of indeterminacy.

The image “Sunset on Pilgrim Lake, Provincetown” by Frank Yamrus.