03/30/2015 Continuous Resonance Solo Improvisation


Date: 03/30/2015
Location: A park in San Francisco, CA
Instrument: Tenor saxophone


This weekend I’m visiting my brother in San Francisco. I snuck out of the apartment early this morning to practice in a nearby park, which was located in the Haight neihborhood. The location I chose was beneath a few large, drooping trees with a bike path directly behind me.

The morning light shone down through the trees and by 7am the day was already at a comfortable temperature. Two homeless men slept on a bench near me. A father patiently helped his son learn to ride a bicycle in the grass. Cars moved swiftly by in a 4-lane street. The city began to take on its own chaotic, swirling energy with indeterminate experiences for me to hear–yelling, talking, and plane noise overhead. But there were more determinate factors–endless cyclists passing by, chatting couples with cups of coffee, and wind in the trees. I contriubuted to the sound tapestry of this great city on this bright morning.

The image “Neptune’s Net, 2013” accompanying today’s post by Mary Weatherford