02/21/2016 (Continuous Resonance Solo Improvisation)

Neil Welch Continuous Resonance Solo Project 2016

Date: 02/21/2016
Location: The porch outside my brotherâs apartment in San Francisco, California.
Instrument: Tenor saxophone


I recorded this piece early in the morning on the day I was set to depart San Francisco and return back to Seattle. My brother will soon be moving back North, and knowing that this may be my last opportunity to inhabit this spaceâone which Iâve grown to love visiting over the yearsâI decided to document a piece. Despite being located near Golden Gate Park, the apartment is a few blocks from a major road and surprisingly quiet inside. The porch out back is situated three floors up and is part of a perimeter, inside of which is a large, beautiful green space with large trees, succulents, grasses and birds. Itâs a lovely sanctuary inside a hurried city. It was very joyful for me to welcome the day in this space, and also to say goodbye to it by documenting my time spent there.

The image Allover (Genesis, Travis Tritt, and others) (2008) accompanying the post today by Christian Marclay.