02/12/2013 (12 Moons Solo Project Day 43)


12 Moons Solo Saxophone Project Day 43


Date: 02/12/2013
Instrument: Tenor saxophone
Location: Choir room at Chief Sealth High School.  Seattle, WA
I had a rehearsal tonight with my friends and musical counterparts Jared Borkowski, Gerg Sinibaldi and Ivan Arteaga.  After spending some time freely improvising and working on structured improvisations, we discussed the idea of art requiring or not requiring a “subject.”  I’ve come to believe that no matter how abstract or vague a concept I work with as an improvisor, my work always has a subject.   Often my mind gravitates towards my sound itself as being my subject, and in this sense no matter what I play I believe there is always this point of focus.
I recorded this improvisation earlier in the day before having this rehearsal.  During this brief recording session, I decided to challenge myself to find a clear note-based melody born out of a multiphonic fingering.  My aim was to create a plainspoken melody with chordal accompaniment.  I intentionally tried to pair the use of a “traditional” subject (the melody) with a non-traditional subject (chordal accompaniment with multiphonics).  For the chordal sound I used the following fingering: (Left Hand) B-A-G Keys // (Right Hand) F-E Keys, Low C.  The chord in this recording is only made by opening and closing further keys.  I alternate the opening of Side Bb and my G Key in order to create a rhythmic cycle that has interloping chords inside it.  The more traditional melody that opens this piece is created by slowly playing this multiphonic while opening the G Key, Side Bb, and the Side C as well.