01/29/2015 (Continuous Resonance Solo Improvisation)

Neil Welch, Continuous Resonance Project
Date: 01/29/2015
Location: Practice room B at South Whidbey High School. Langley, WA (Whidbey Island)
Instrument: Tenor saxophone/Upright piano


This morning one of my students cancelled, and I took the opportunity to work with the piano in a practice room at South Whidbey High School. I quickly developed a kind of multiphonic and false fingering groove and began working with this texture inside an old upright piano with the sustain pedal on. The band director at this school burst into the practice room and asked if I might improvise this piece for his music survey class. This was a class for music appreciators only, and non-muisicians. He introduced me by name only, I walked in and played this piece into a baby grand set up in the center of the room. I finished and immediately walked back out, into the practice room and recorded this version.