01/03/2013 (12 Moons Project Day 3) )

12 Moons solo saxophone project: 1/3/2013

Location: BOOM! Studios in Seattle, WA

Instrument: tenor saxophone


Today was spent back in the studio for the first time in the New Year. I recorded âA Response to the Wednesday morning shoot at Café Racer, Seattle, WA 2012.â This piece is scored for solo tenor saxophone. With the weight of this music and subject matter on my mind, I began my first recording of the day with a 12 Moons improvisation.

This piece uses very tonal sounding multiphonics (split pitches) with a fixed position drone. The drone is a quarter step down from a concert Eb and is punctuated with mutiphonics and a melodic figure that I repeat at will. I slowly add new pitches to the melodic figure to create a machine-like, repetitive motion