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Scrambler ensemble performs at Cafe Racer

Seattle's own Cafe Racer is re-born from the ashes! There's fresh energy in the cafe and the room itself sounds acoustically more controlled after a few minor structural changes. This Sunday I'll join trombonist / composer Christian Pincock for a performance at the Racer Sessions in his Conduction Ensemble called Scrambler: 

In the Scrambler band each member is asked to respond on the spot to Conduction Language symbols, which serve as visual ways of representing action in music. This ensemble has workshopped this music on the bandstand for several years now, and has a dedicated cast of players that now rehearse regularly. Come and join us in one of Seattle's best avant series. 

8:00-8:30 Conduction Bad

8:30-10:00 Open improvisation sesssion

As always, the Racer Sessions is Free and open to all ages.