Concepcion Picciotto Ensemble: Earshot Jazz Fest. Oct. 23rd

October 23rd - Earshot Jazz Festival - $10-18 - 8pm

@ The Chapel Performance Space / Tickets:

Concepcion Picciotto is written in dedication to the homeless peace activist of the same name. Concepcion, or "Conchita" held a 35 year non stop peace vigil in front of the White House in protest of nuclear weapons. She passed away in 2016. 

Marcin Paczkowski-conductor
Danielle Sampson - voice
Beth Fleenor-clarinet
Jacob Zimmerman-alto sax
Neil Welch-tenor sax / soloist
Evan Smith-bari sax
Janna Webon-violin
Heather Bentley-viola
Ebony Miranda - cello
Abbey Blackwell - bass 
Chris Icasiano-drums

Puhpohwee (solo saxophone) 

Meaning "the force which causes mushrooms to push up through the Earth overnight" Puhpohwee is my reflection on the nature of indigenous language and its influence over our perception of the world. Neil will open the evening with a performance of this 15 minute long, highly technical solo saxophone piece. The work makes generous use of Neil’s signature split tone and multiphonic colors.

New Album: Bad Luck Four available now

“Inventive energy and technical mastery—chaos harnessed to masterly, artful ends. Bad Luck's crusade to turn experimental-music heads onto jazz has gone smashingly, making their story one of the most encouraging in local music.”  -The Stranger Magazine

Coltrane Transcription: "11383" (newly Discovered audio)

In 1963 Coltrane was in the midst of a groundbreaking period of artistic exploration. Yet again, the world's great saxophone master was redefining his stylistic approach to the horn. The lengthy modal compositions which he performed on stage became more and more a harbinger of his abstract work to come.  Despite this, Coltrane's in-studio recorded output during 1963 reflected little of this work.

A newly released minor blues track entitled 11383 (a title derived from an in-studio cataloging system) has Coltrane performing a beautifully structured, and quite understated solo on soprano. This recording was released earlier this week in anticipation of a full-length record called Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album. This album is a welcome gift from one of the 20th century's most innovative artists, and a band in the midst of their finest work together.  I'd also like to point out that on the whole this is a very approachable solo, and it could be a great teaching tool for students. I hope you enjoy this transcription!

PDF (click the link below)

John Coltrane 11383 Transcription

Coltrane 11383 pg. 1 of 3.jpg
Coltrane 11383 pg. 2 of 3.jpg
Coltrane 11383 pg. 3 of 3.jpg