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Artistic Documentation

The Racer Sessions has welcomed over 400 featured artist performances and documented over 3000 live improvisations, and hundreds of performance videos. Each of these performances are recorded and posted at racersessions.com for free in perpetuity. Additionally, each week the featured performer writes an artistic statement that gives our listeners a window in the creative process of these unique performances.

In 2016, the Racer Sessions began streaming each Sunday performance online. The series continues to provide listeners from around the world access to the series for free.

Racer Sessions

Founded in 2012, the Racer Sessions avant performance series has become a Seattle arts institution.  This weekly event is a cooperatively run organization with no central leader. Instead, organizers work with closely with each other and their community to cultivate a performance series driven by group participation. Performers and listeners alike allow the series to take form. Along with a small but empowered cohort, Neil was a founding member of the Racer Sessions and continues to maintain a regular presence at the series as a participant. Neil has presented as the featured performer on 14 sessions to date and participated in hundreds of improvisations on stage. From 2015-2016 Neil acted as performance curator for the series and welcomed avant musicians from Seattle and around the country.

What We Do

The Racer Sessions meet every Sunday from 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle's University District. Each week a featured performer curates the series, presenting a 30 minute performance followed by a free improvisation session from 8:30-10pm that is open to absolutely all that choose to participate.  This broad community of folks comes together weekly to explore sound in an open minded environment that celebrates abstraction in music, and diversity in the populations that create it.

Cafe Racer is an all-ages establishment and a Seattle music venue. All genders, sexual orientations and ages groups are celebrated here as part of the diaspora known as the Racer Scene.

From RacerSessions.com

"The Racer Sessions’ musical focus is primarily centered on improvisation—particularly free or collective improv—and frequently incorporates the aesthetic and techniques of avant-gard jazz and classical music. However, we firmly believe that, as the name suggests, free improvisation should not be limited to any particular style, creed or approach, and we warmly welcome musicians of any persuasion to share their voice."