Bad Luck

Chris Icasiano, drums / Neil Welch, saxophone + pedals

"Bad Luck chop up time and space into jagged, unpredictable an asymmetrical avalanche." 

-Dave Segal, The Stranger Magazine


For over a decade the Seattle based duo Bad Luck (Neil Welch, saxophone/electronics and Chris Icasiano, drums) have pushed the boundaries of what it means to perform, create and move forward in the genre of modern jazz. With four albums under their belt, Bad Luck has created an incredibly diverse array of music — no small feat in the heavily trodden world of drum/saxophone duos. They have developed a performative language all their own, sculpting compositions that use complex mnemonic techniques, and create "fearless, raw improvisations" (Seattle Times).

The duo has emerged as one of Seattle's most lauded experimental projects of late, with genre-melting collaborations with dancers, mc's, and visual artists in genres far and beyond the realm of jazz music. Bad Luck is committed to performing on gender-diverse bills, with a wide range of genres represented at each show.